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Kowai 유학원 안내

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Kowai 유학원 안내 

Registered into ENZRA (Education New Zealand Recognised Agents)

is trusted agents that meet the highest standards and can help you make informed decisions about your studies.

Our agent programme aims to support high quality, top performing agents and agencies who work effectively with students coming to New Zealand.



Education New Zealand (ENZ) is the lead Crown Agency for International Education. has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a review suitably qualified consultants to undertake a review of the Education New Zealand Recognised Agent programme to better achieve the Government’s Goals for International Education. 

Specifically, the review should determine ways in which ENZ can: 
a. Gain more value from its work with agents (particularly in relation to increased international student numbers); and
b. Protect New Zealand’s reputation (from the provision of incorrect and/or fraudulent information and advice given to students, and agents driving insufficiently prepared students to New Zealand).


Kowai People Ltd. (법인)

Minhyong LEE.pdf


Kowai 유학은 Education New Zealand (ENZ) 의 규정을 준수 합니다.

Education-New-Zealand-Code-of-Conduct-and-Complaints-Process.pdf 과 

ENZ-Agents-London-Statement.pdf 와 함께  High ethical standards 의 가치를 지킵니다.


연락처 (Contact Details)

Email : , Q&A 를 이용하시면 편리 합니다.
Mobile : +64-27-271-8787 New Zealand
Mobile : +82-10-5004-6117 Korea
Kakao Talk ID : mindolagain




Kowai 유학원 

아래는 ENZRA 에 의해 학생과 학부모에게 학교 입학에 대한 비용을 청구 하지 않습니다.

1. 학교/학원 등록

2. 주기적인 학생 미팅, 학부모 미팅, 학교 미팅

3. Complaints  Help and Solution

4. 이 외의 구체적으로 협의 된 사항


아래는 비용이 청구 될 수 있습니다.

1. 공항 픽업

2. 정착 서비스(간단한 처리)

3. 학생/학부모 기타


아래는 비용이 청구 됩니다

1. 홈스테이 

2. 학생에 대한 가디언 

3. 정착 서비스

4. 개인적 여행



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