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Start your business career right now

Dear valued partner,

At NZMA students can gain a Diploma in Applied Management (Level 7). This 40-week programme  will help students to develop the managerial, technical and decision-making skills which are necessary for success both in New Zealand and abroad. 

There are four strands students can choose from, offering great diversity. These include procurement, project management, supply chain management and health management.

Study at our Auckland City or Hamilton campuses. See our 2019 intakes below:

Auckland City –  25 February, 13 May, 29 July, 14 October
Hamilton –  29 April – NEW FOR 2019 
(please note that the Hamilton intake will deliver project management, procurement and supply chain management).

 Why study at NZMA:

-   Up to 2 years post study visa depending on location and completion date.
    For more info visit the INZ website 
-   Our Careers team assists with CV writing and interview skills and finding
    part-time/casual work while you study
-   We provide an authentic training environment
-   We arrange Industry Speakers

Students only require IELTS 6.0 (no bands less than 5.5) to apply for this programme.


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