Te Hodduk

by 운영자 posted Dec 22, 2016


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A unique street food "Korean Styled Pancakes" Hodduk is a type of pancakes in Korea. Dairy free dough with vegetarian options, too.


Te Hodduk offers Pancakes, Bibim-Bap (Vegetables-spinach, mushroom, zucchini, carrot, bean sprout- and beef mince served with rice and fried egg, sweet chili paste sauce), Bulgogi (Beef Korean BBQ, Pork spicy BBQ) and Egg Omelette(Ham,Cheese,Veges)


In Summer Special Location is at Bow St. Raglan Waikato NZ from Dec. to Feb.

Opening Hours Mon – Sunday, 10am – till Late


And Regular Site is at Farmers’ Market every on Sunday in Claudelands Park Gate 3 & 4 (8.00am -12.00)


EFTPOS Available


027-684-4413 (Suk)  Te Hodduk



We offer Pancakes, Bibim-Bap, Bulgogi (Beef Korean BBQ) & Egg Omelette(Ham,Cheese,Veges)


In Summer Special, Raglan from Dec. to Feb.

Opening Hours  Mon – Sunday,

10am – till Late



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