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2018.05.22 01:08

NZIS (Institute of Sports)

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The New Zealand Institute of Sport (NZIS) was established in 1996 to provide tertiary level education for those interested in a career in the Sport, Fitness and Recreation industry. Courses have been developed to reflect the rapidly expanding and changing needs of this growing industry.

NZIS strives to provide an environment where students are challenged to meet industry requirements and learn the skills that employers are looking for through it’s high quality academic programmes.

NZIS is a Category 1 provider based on highly confident educational performance and organisational self-assessment as determined by NZQA.

NZIS has been active in developing niche courses that complement the sport qualifications on offer. These include foundation sport courses, Personal Training and Pre Police certificates. These act as a pathway to higher level qualifications. Students are also supported with the tools to enhance their own sporting performance.

The NZIS Mission

To deliver high quality programmes that provide opportunities for all learners to work towards their potential. NZIS will enhance the personal employment and sporting opportunities of learners by providing holistic, innovative courses and programmes. To provide an effective and culturally relevant learning environment which meets the needs of the individual, the industry and the wider community with a commitment to Pacific and Maori communities.

Our Staff

Staff at the New Zealand Institute of Sport are highly qualified in diverse areas of Sport, Fitness and Recreation education. Many of our staff members are graduates of NZIS programmes and several have achieved at the highest national and international levels in sporting endeavors.

Auckland | Hamilton | 
Wellington | Christchurch
Ph: 0800 694 776

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