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Tena Koutou Katoa to staff, students and parents of Hamilton Boys High School.

Raukura Hauora O Tainui is a Health provider servicing the areas of Hamilton and the Greater Waikato region.  Our Mobile Dental Unit will be visiting your school from:

22nd February until 15th April 2016

The caravan will provide the following services:

Enrolment of Students between 13yrs – under 18yrs WHO DO NOT HAVE a dentist or choose to transfer to our service and who qualify for free dental care (some exceptions apply - Orthodontic and Oral Surgery).

Examine and assess students (including x-rays) unless otherwise advised.

Develop dental treatment plans and treat accordingly (if we are unable to complete treatment while at the school, you will be notified by letter to contact our surgery at 1000 Victoria Street, Hamilton, phone (07) 839 5298 to make an appointment).

Provide information, advice and feedback on good oral health habits.

The Consent Procedure

The consent process will comply with the Health and Disability Commissioners Act 1994 and The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers Rights 1996.

Students will be advised before enrolling that if they have a dentist, they will not be invited to enrol.

Our consent form will be sent home seeking parental consent for students under the age of 16 before any treatment is carried out with clear instructions and options for treatment.

If there are any enquiries regarding the enrolment and/or treatment procedures please do not hesitate to contact me on 021 894 675.

Kind regards
Ana Randall
Manager Dental Unit

  1. 14
    Apr 2017
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    제19대 대통령 재외선거 투표참여 방법

    안녕하세요. 주오클랜드분관입니다. 제19대 대통령 재외선거 투표참여 방법 등을 안내하오니, 첨부해드린 재외투표안내문을 참고하시고, 재외선거에 적극 참여하시기 바랍니다. 1.투 표 장 소 : 주오클랜드분관(Level 12, Tower 1, 205 Queen St, Auckland) 2....
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  2. 28
    Dec 2016

    Funfair Hamilton

    Funfair The Base, Te Rapa Rd, Te Rapa, Hamilton, Waikato Thursday 29 December 2016 – Tuesday 24 January 2017 11:00am
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  3. 28
    Dec 2016
    No Image

    Farmers' Market

    Cambridge Farmers' Market 30 Dec 2016Victoria Square, Cambridge, Waipa Hamilton Farmers' Market 31 Dec 2016 Claudelands Gate3&4 8.00am - Mid day
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  4. 28
    Dec 2016

    Soundsplash Music Festival

    Soundsplash Music Festival 20 Jan - 22 Jan 2017Wainui Reserve, Raglan, Waikato Soundsplash is a three day summer festival of music, freedom and expression, held in the Wainui reserve in Raglan from 20th - 22nd January 2017.
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  5. 28
    Dec 2016

    Raglans New Years Eve Party

    Raglans New Years Eve Party 31 Dec 2016Raglan Town Hall, Raglan, Waikato Raglan New Years Eve hospice Waikato Fundraiser Party.
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  6. 15
    Dec 2016
    No Image

    이용 안내

    ** 왼쪽 Whats' On 연결됨 행사를 중심으로.
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  7. 15
    Dec 2016

    제51회 한국어능력시험(TOPIK)을 시행할 예정

    뉴질랜드한국교육원(원장 원유미)은 2017년 3월 18일(토) 제51회 한국어능력시험(TOPIK)을 시행할 예정입니다. 한국어능력시험은 한국어를 모국어로 하지 않는 외국인 및 재외동포를 대상으로 한국어 사용능력을 측정 · 평가하는 국가시험며. 1997년 처...
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  8. 06
    Dec 2016

    2016년 크리스마스 산타퍼레이드 참가 안내

    2016 산타퍼레이드 참가안내 안녕하세요. 새로 와이카토 한인회장이 된 고정미입니다. 교민여러분의 발이 되는 한인회장이 되도록 노력하겠습니다.^^ 첫 번째 행사로, 2016 산타퍼레이드에 많은 교민 분들과 함께 참가하고자 안내를 드립니다. 이 행사는 뉴질...
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  9. 02
    Dec 2016

    WEAVE Twilight Market on Friday 16th December from 4pm-8.30pm!

    Have a stall at the WEAVE Twilight Market on Friday 16th December from 4pm-8.30pm! Come and join this wonderful outdoor multicultural market held at the beautiful Claudelands Park, outside the Waikato Migrant Resource Centre. This is a celeb...
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  10. 02
    Dec 2016
    No Image

    뉴질랜드, 남태평양에서 불법어업 단속

    뉴질랜드, 남태평양에서 불법어업 단속 뉴질랜드 해군의 HMNZS Wellington은 일요일날 더니든에서 남태평양으로 항해하여 로스해 지역의 연간 어업 활동을 모니터할 것입니다. 뉴질랜드는 남태평양에서 행해지는 불법 및 신고하지 않고, 규제되지 않은 불법 ...
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  11. 14
    Nov 2016

    타우랑가 순회영사

    당관에서는 원격지에 거주하시는 교민의 민원업무 편의를 위해 2016.12.17(토) 타우랑가 지역 순회영사 업무를 실시할 예정이오니 소기의 성과를 거둘 수 있도록 널리 알려 주시기 바랍니다. 1. 일시 : 2016.12.17(토), 09:30-12:30 2. 장소 : 타우랑가 한인신...
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  12. 14
    Nov 2016
    No Image

    뉴 해군 창설 75주년 행사 및 대한민국 해군 ‘충북함’ 입항 안내

    뉴 해군 창설 75주년 행사 및 대한민국 해군 ‘충북함’ 입항 안내 o 오는 11월 17일(목)~22일(화)까지 오클랜드에서 진행되는 뉴질랜드 해군 창설 75주년 기념 행사 및 훈련에 우리 해군 ‘충북함’도 참여할 예정에 있습니다. 다음과 같...
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  13. 17
    Oct 2016

    US detects failed North Korean missile test

    The US said it would raise the latest missile launch with the United Nations. The US military detected a failed North Korean test launch of an intermediate ballistic missile, the Pentagon said on Saturday. The test-firing was the latest in ...
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  14. 17
    Oct 2016

    Dusk quad bike ride leaves girl, 15, dead and 14-year-old seriously injured

    The Taupo based Greenlea rescue helicopter was called to airlift the 14-year-old girl. A tandem ride on a quad bike at dusk has ended in tragedy for a rural Waikato family. After the girls crashed in remote sand dunes, one, 15, was dead. He...
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  15. 17
    Oct 2016

    Hamilton's Mill Street Pak'n Save tastes Lotto success

    From left, Pak'n Save staffers Sasha Ron Devia, Jackie Jones and Seema Singh will be adding a second first division trophy to the store's Lotto display after selling another winning ticket on Saturday. Shoppers at Hamilton's Mil...
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  16. 16
    Oct 2016

    $17 million for two Waikato high schools

    Ngaruawahia High School is to get about $8 million in funding. Two Waikato high schools will receive between $8 million and $9m for redevelopment, Education Minister Hekia Parata announced on Sunday. Cambridge High School and Ngaruawahia Hi...
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  17. 15
    Oct 2016

    Andrew King takes Hamilton mayoralty, but recount to come

    Andrew King has been elected Hamilton's mayor with a single-digit majority. But one of the tightest mayoral races on record isn't over yet, as nearest rival Paula Southgate will seek a judicial recount. Official election results were...
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  18. 29
    May 2016
    No Image

    와이카토 한국학교 웹사이트 개설

    와이카토 한국학교 웹사이트가 완성되었습니다. 학부모님들과 학교를 연결하고 유용한 자료와 소식을 공유하는 공간입니다. 많은 방문 기대합니다 ~ 
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  19. 19
    Apr 2016
    No Image

    타우랑가 지역 순회영사 안내

    2016.5.21(토) 타우랑가 지역 순회영사 업무시간이 종전 9:30-12:00에서 11:00-13:30으로 변경되었음을 알려드립니다. 붙임1: 2016.5.21(토) 타우랑가 지역 순회영사 영사회보(업무시간 변경 포함) 타우랑가 지역 순회영사 안내 (업무시간 변경 공고) 당관에서...
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  20. 15
    Mar 2016
    No Image

    해밀턴 시청 앞 가든 플레이스 이벤트 소식

    A reminder of events on this weekend in Garden Place: Friday 18th March - City Burn 6pm-8pm Hot air balloon baskets in Garden Place, food stalls, and family entertainment. A spectacular choreographed basket burn all set to music. The Garden ...
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  21. 19
    Feb 2016

    설 대보름 맞이 잔치 및 한인문화회관건립기금 마련농산물 판매

    제목:십시일반 -설날 및 대보름 맞이 잔치 -한인회관 건립기금 마련 농산물 판매 일시 : 2016년 2월 20일(토) 오전 10-오후 1시 장소:한국학교(크리스찬 스쿨) 일정 10시:인사말 및 어르신들께 세배하기 10시 10분:OX퀴즈(설날 대보름 농산물에 대한 내용) 10...
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