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    Apr 2017
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    제19대 대통령 재외선거 투표참여 방법

    안녕하세요. 주오클랜드분관입니다. 제19대 대통령 재외선거 투표참여 방법 등을 안내하오니, 첨부해드린 재외투표안내문을 참고하시고, 재외선거에 적극 참여하시기 바랍니다. 1.투 표 장 소 : 주오클랜드분관(Level 12, Tower 1, 205 Queen St, Auckland) 2....
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    Oct 2015

    Garage Sale for a new kitchen

    Garage Sale for a new kitchen The Waikato Migrant Resource Centre kitchen is getting and upgrade which is long overdue. The costs for the upgrade and renovation is covered however we would like to improve our kitchen equipment; items such as...
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    Sep 2015
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    2015, 태권도 Bay Open 개최, 타우랑가

    지난 토요일 19일에 타우랑가에 있는 Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre에서 2015년도 태권도 대회가 개최 되었습니다. 뉴질랜드 태권도 클럽중 21개 클럽의 약 340명 정도가 참가한 이 경기에는 쥬니어와 시니어, 남녀 각각의 체급들이 메달을 다투었습니다. 다음...
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    Sep 2015

    Garden Place 와 시티 9월 10월 행사 일정 : 해밀턴

    16th September 2015 9.30am - 3.30pm Hamilton Blind Social Group To create public awareness 18th September 2015 8am - 6pm Waikato Offroad Racing Club, Z 1000 Static Display This will be a display of up to five off road racing vehicles in GP t...
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    Aug 2015

    Happening this month at the Centre : Hamilton (HMS)

    Newcomers Network Movie Night 4th September from 6.45pm. A Children movie will be screened in another room. Refugee resettlement meeting, 4th September 1.30pm to 3.30pm. Andrew Lockhart, National Manager of the Immigration New Zealand Refug...
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    Aug 2015

    14th Edition of the Ethnic Football Festival : Hamilton

    14th Edition of the Ethnic Football Festival The Gower Park will be roaring with cheers and music over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th October for the NZ Ethnic Football Festival. 24 teams will be defending their colours to be crowned winners...
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    Aug 2015

    Garden Place Up-Coming Events at Hamilton CBD (9월-10월)

    18th September 2015 8am - 6pm Waikato Offroad Racing Club, Z 1000 Static Display This will be a display of up to five off road racing vehicles in GP to promote NZ100 Event 22nd - 24th September 2015 7.30am - 6pm Daily Jaguar XE Showroom To l...
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    Aug 2015


    VICTORIA STREET PLANTING Commences 31 August, and runs for four weeks. Will see the replacement of plants, with new species including seasonal annual bedding varieties (for example cosmos and begonias), roses, lavender and sections of new gr...
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    Aug 2015
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    BUSINESS CONTINUITY FREE WORKSHOPS Business Continuity is about being prepared to manage any disruption to your business to ensure the continuity of services to your customers. You want your customers to know that you can provide ‘busi...
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    Aug 2015
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    Rotorua property sweet for Aucklanders

    Auckland buyers have contributed to towards an almost 70 per cent rise in house sales in Rotorua, according to the latest Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) report. The REINZ report for July found house sales had risen by 66.7 per ...
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    Aug 2015
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    Fatal accident in Tauranga : 제보 바랍니다.(타우랑가)

    A 26-year-old motorcyclist has died in front of his partner following a collision with a car in Tauranga. The crash happened on a 50kmh straight section of Carmichael Rd outside the Bethlehem Country Club about 6.55pm on Wednesday. Tauranga ...
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    Aug 2015

    화장실에서 71세 노인이 숨진 채로 발견 돼 : 해밀턴

    해밀턴 시내의 공공 화장실(London St.) 에서 An elderly man found beaten to death in a Hamilton central city toilet early yesterday morning has been named. Police have cordoned off the scene where the man's body was found. He was 71-year-o...
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  13. 12
    Aug 2015

    Z Ethnic Football Festival 2015 Hamilton

    Z Ethnic Football Festival 2015 The registration for the Ethnic Football Festival will close this Friday 14th August. The event will take place at the Gower Park, Melville, on the 3rd and 4th October where 24 men's football team will com...
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    Aug 2015

    PUBLIC CONSULTATION - ALCOHOL CONTROL BYLAW of Hamilton (음주 관련 조례에 관하여....)

    This is to advise of public consultations currently taking place. Please check out the web links below for further information. Proposed Alcohol Control Bylaw 2015 - closes Wednesday 2 September 2015 Hamilton City Council is seeking feedback...
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    Aug 2015

    2015 - 2016 Rating Charges ; General rate on capital value in Rotorua

    Example-rating-impact.pdf Targeted Rates Targeted rate for lakes enhancement Council sets a targeted rate for lakes enhancement, as a fixed amount of $17.00 per rating unit, on all rateable land in the district excluding rating units within...
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    Aug 2015

    Council consulting on rubbish and recycling in Rotorua

    4 August 2015 Rotorua Lakes Council wants to reduce the amount of waste going to the rubbish dump and encourage more people to recycle. As part of a review of how we manage waste in the district, the council wants to hear from residents, pa...
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  17. 04
    Aug 2015

    Tauranga Careers & Business Expo 2015

    Where could a career in Council take you? Check out our stand at the Tauranga Careers and Business Expo to find out! With more than 600 staff members fulfilling a diverse range of roles, Council offers plenty of career choices with room to ...
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  18. 04
    Aug 2015

    Electronic tolling starts this Saturday

    Electronic tolling starts this Saturday Takitimu Drive Toll Road - the road formerly known as Route K - moves to electronic tolling this Saturday, 1 August. A reminder to Route K card holders that your council account will not cover electro...
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  19. 04
    Aug 2015


    STREET PIANO - HOST REQUIRED We have 6 pianos located around the CBD for the public to play as part of the Hamilton Central 'Street Piano' project. One of the pianos is requiring a new home so if your business would like to take par...
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    Aug 2015

    Peoples Project Call for Help

    Peoples Project Call for Help As you are aware to date we have housed almost 100 people and I think most would agree that this has significantly reduced the homeless population in Hamilton. As we have housed people what has become a real is...
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    Aug 2015

    Positive partnerships improve safety in the city

    18/July/2015 Hamilton central city business owners are reporting fewer instances of anti-social behaviour in the city since the Council’s City Safety Officers were introduced last year. Dressed in highly visible uniforms, the City Saf...
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