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Location:  254 peachgrove Rd, Claudelands, Haru sushi, Hamilton
Company: HARU SUSHI  (Lee&Ahn LTD.)
Date posted: 21/02/2016 
Employer Type: Restaurant 
Reference:  Caterer
Contact: 021 025 13392 

The duration of the job: 3 years 

Type: Full time, Contract


A unique opportunity has arisen for an experienced Chef de Partie to join the family at HARU SHUSHI , one of Hamilton’s restaurants.

The ideal candidate for the role will have atleast 2 years experience cooking at Chef de Partie (Section Leader level or higher). 

Experience in restaurants, with a diploma in Professional Cookery  would be beneficial. 

As Chef de Partie, you will be overseeing and running sections within a talented brigade of chefs.
The ideal Chef de Partie will be career driven, confidant, clear in communication and can work well under pressure while overseeing

and supporting the HARU SHUSHI. Also, fluency in both English and Korean is prefered. 

We offer a competitive salary based on experience, an extremely friendly and rewarding atmosphere with a chance to make a difference to people’s lives

– a unique opportunity in the world of restaurants. 

Applicants must be eligible to live and work in NEW ZEALAND.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team.





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